Fitness Strategies Tailored to the Physical Goals of Women

Fitness Strategies Tailored to the Physical Goals of Women.jpg


Bodybuilding isn’t just for boys anymore. Actually, it never was. Years ago bodybuilding was thought of as strictly a man’s exercise program; the main reason for this misconception was because women thought if they even attempted bodybuilding the result would be unsightly bulging muscles.


Our society also never thought of it as a very “ladylike” activity. However, the times they are a changing as they say.


Most people believed that if women lifted weights and followed bodybuilding routines, they would build a masculine muscle structure which would be a significant turn-off for men. However, some women chose to develop their muscles and were quite impressive in doing so.


Women found they didn’t necessarily have to gain bulging muscles if they didn’t want them, they could tone their bodies and still look and be feminine. In this article, I will explain some quick and easy exercises that will work for both men and women to achieve the results they desire


Workouts You Can Do with Limited Equipment

You do not necessarily need a lot of expensive workout equipment to achieve a good, muscle building workout. There are a lot of different items people have used to either build muscle or maintain their muscle structure. Many of you have seen people flipping giant tractor tires, or filling empty plastic milk gallons with sand or water and using them as weights.


Some workouts can build muscle using only one dumbbell. If you do not have a dumbbell handy, you can fill an empty plastic milk jug with water and use it.


These are easy to do exercises that you can fit into your busy schedule taking only a few minutes every day while giving you an effective workout.



This workout will work your glutes, hamstrings, quads, core, and shoulders.


  1. Stand up straight while keeping your feet in line with your hips; hold your weight with both hands in front of you at the height of your hips.
  2. Step your right foot back and bend your legs, so your right knee hovers above the ground.
  3. Extend your left leg to stand; at the same time bring your right knee up and press the weight overhead. Return to the bent-leg lunge.



This exercise works your glutes, hamstrings, quads, and core.


  1. Stand with your feet slightly further apart than the width of your hips and point your toes slightly inward. With both hands, hold your weight in front of you at roughly the height of your waist.
  2. Next, push your hips back into a squat position. Bend your legs and keep your chest up with your head forward.
  3. While extending your legs to a standing position, transfer your weight to your left foot and bring your dumbbell At the same time, bring up your right knee while rotating your core, with your weight to the right.


Plie Squat with a Forward Dumbbell Press

This Plie Squat will effectively work your glutes, hamstrings, quads, core, and shoulders.


  1. Stand with your feet spread apart wide and your toes turned outward.
  2. Hold your weight in front of you with an end in each hand. Next, bend your arms so that your wrists are in front of your shoulders and the dumbbell in front of your chest.
  3. Bend your legs into a plie squat.
  4. While extending your legs, return to a standing position. Press the weight forward while stretching your arms out.
  5. Return to the bent-legged position and bring the weight back toward your chest.


In Conclusion

A bodybuilding strategy is an excellent addition to your fitness routine, and you do not need to build your muscles to the size of Arnold Schwarzenegger. However, one thing you do need to remember, exercise is only one part of a good fitness strategy, you also need to include the proper diet and guidance.


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