The Family Dinner is an Important Tradition

The Family Dinner is an Important Tradition.jpg



4 thoughts on “The Family Dinner is an Important Tradition

  1. Love this! You are so right. Family should take top priority. Nothing is more important than our loved ones. Dining together is a tradition that should be kept in every household.


    1. I completely agree with you. The sad thing I’ve noticed, and the reason that prompted me to write this article is, when we have one of my kids’ friends over for dinner they usually say something like “Do you guys have dinner at the table together every night?” or “I wish my family had dinners like this where we were all together at the table” I find these statements really sad, because yes we do. Sure there are more nights than I care for where someone is at a practice or something like that, but every night we try to have dinner at 5:30 with everyone there, no cell phones and we just talk about our day and how school went or the grade we got on a test etc. I think things like the family dinner is very very important and no I’m not living in a “Leave it to Beaver” world but I strongly believe in keeping some form of family bonding going at all times. Where its possible with teenagers I mean lol. Take care and thank you so much for your comment and I am really glad you found some value in my article, take care of you and keep that family strong!


  2. When my children were growing up, we always ate together as a family at 6:00. It was a non-negotiable. The only exception was when they had baseball practice which seemed to always run late. Then we ate together, but it was much later.


    1. Yes mam, exactly the same at our house. “Honey” and I believe it to be very important even today when our children are in their early twenties. When my children’s friends would come over and stay for dinner most would say it was neat and they wished their family did the same. That made me sad every time.

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