Home Front recipes from WWII


Thank you for this interesting look at meals during wartime. It definitely was a different time but good to see all American brothers and sisters pitching on to help where they could.

I know from experience that this Era left a perminate perception on my grandparents. This and the depression, my grandmother didn’t waste anything and created some interesting meals at times.

What about you? Share your stories and thoughts my friends.


4 thoughts on “Home Front recipes from WWII

    1. I’m sure they will. As a true history buff (or nut) I love your posts, they are so interesting and focus on a wide variety of different subjects and topics. Even though you mainly use the blog to honor Smitty and WWII you offer far more than just the soldiers and the war. Don’t get me wrong both are extremely important to us, mainly the soldiers but your blog is just so interesting. Thank you for doing such a wonderful job on it.

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