Tips for Choosing the Right Dog Kennel

Tips for Choosing the Right Dog Kennel

More than ever, especially with the latest dog attacks featured on the nightly news, laws are requiring that dogs be restrained to a secure backyard that prevents them from getting out and especially harming small children.

There is never any telling what a seemingly well-mannered dog will do in certain situations. Even well-mannered dogs want to protect their humans and their property.

While, unless they intend to gain access to your home, adults walking by your house won’t gain as much attention as children will. Children may tend to want to play with a dog they aren’t familiar with, and this may confuse the animal and provoke them to attack.

The dog may interoperate this attempt to play as threatening rather than harmless as it’s intended. Even though the animal is generally easy going and mild-mannered, he may choose this time to be aggressive, and that’s all it takes is one time for an outcome that can never be taken back.

This is why you should always make sure your dog won’t be able to get out of their backyard. However, this brings up its own set of issues. You want your dog to have enough space to stretch their legs, but you don’t want them to have the run of the whole backyard.

A happy compromise is to purchase a chain link fence kennel that is the proper size for your dog. Even though you may not be in complete agreement with keeping your dog in a kennel, you have to admit they do offer several benefits and, in the long run, are a much better solution for your dog’s wellbeing as it is for the welfare of others.

Benefits to a Dog Kennel

Fido won’t get out attack and potentially harm any of your neighbors. Even the friendliest of neighbors seem to resent it if your dog gnaws off a limb. No matter how cute he is.
Fluffy won’t tear up your whole yard trying to find the elusive bone that no dog has ever been able to see, they will be remanded to a specific area of the yard and won’t be able to tear up your flower beds.
It’s easier to clean up their little doggy surprises, from a smaller area. This also means there is less of a chance to accidentally step in a “Bruno Bomb.”
They may not be able to get the desired amount of exercise. However, they can stretch their legs in between walks.

Considerations for Choosing the Proper Dog Kennel

Size – One of the most important considerations when choosing a kennel for your dog, is size. Your dog’s kennel should offer them plenty of room to move around. They should have enough room to move in all directions, and plenty of room to lay down.

Comfort – Your dog’s kennel should be comfortable, meaning they should have protection from the elements if necessary. Of course, you don’t plan on leaving them outside, in their kennel, during a downpour, a blizzard or any other extreme weather condition.

Even so, you should make sure that your dog’s kennel is positioned, so they have some shade to get out of the sun and cover if they do need to get out of the unexpected rain.

Dog Kennels are an Excellent Idea

A dog kennel is an excellent idea for everyone concerned. Your dog will be protected from anything that may come up while having space to stretch their legs without getting into something they shouldn’t.

You will be able to let your dog enjoy the outdoors without always worrying that they’re getting into something. Moreover, you will especially not have to worry about Rover eating the neighborhood children.

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