Why are Logo and Brochure Design so Important to Your Business?



When I say McDonald’s, Target and Nike what are the first things you think of? Most likely you would first think of a big yellow “M” (or golden arches), a bullseye and a swoosh, right? This is because these three businesses have some of the most memorable and recognizable logos in the world. This is called brand recognition and it is vital to the success of any business.


Most popular companies have one thing in common, we immediately recognize them. This level of consumer awareness is achieved by creating and distributing creative and unique marketing material with a cohesive theme. This is not achieved by slapping together generic templates.


Don’t sabotage your yourself or your company by distributing haphazard brochures and logos. You need a professional brochure and logo design company to help you create a memorable brand that gets you noticed and makes you stand out from the pack. You need Emedia Creative to help grow your business.


Why are professionally designed logos and brochures so important?


  • They authenticate and effectively launch you and your business. A professional logo and brochure makes your company’s image cohesive and complete.
  • Professional designs provide years of service. A professional logo will serve you indefinitely and brochures can be updated and reprinted when the need arises, keeping your information current and up to date.
  • They increase your overall visibility, increase referrals and generate website traffic.
  • They define your image. A recognizable brand can gain your customer’s trust before they even read a word of your content.


Why you need a professional design team like Emedia Creative

Logo and brochure design is such an important part of your marketing plan that it just isn’t a good idea for anyone who isn’t a professional designer to take on the challenge by themselves.


A lot of people are creative and creativity is a must. However, controlled creativity will yield the best results. There are many standards and practices that must be kept in mind while working on a project to avoid problems with printing, monitor and color issues, etc. Having a firm understanding of marketing and what will sell are also crucial if you expect your content to be a success.
For the novice it can take a lot of time and money to finally hit on what works for their company, when you could just make an investment with a professional and get it right the first time to start reaping the benefits immediately.

4 thoughts on “Why are Logo and Brochure Design so Important to Your Business?

    1. Yes mam you got that right. That is what I was shooting for when I did mine. Also, if you notice on mine the “D” is the Old English “Detroit Tigers” D which is where I’m from and I love all things celestial so I call “Honey” my Sunshine and I’m of course the Moon so armed with that knowledge do you see how my logo comes together?

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      1. Thank you I really appreciate that. I guess it is more of a personal symbolism but it means something to me. Thank you so much for your input and the sharing of excellent content over the past year Valerie, I wish you and yours the very Merriest Christmas and a wonderful and safe New Year. I look forward to sharing with you in the coming year as well. God Bless you and yours be safe and take care of you.


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