How Dog Kennels Can Improve Your Dog’s Quality of Life

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All dogs need to get regular exercise. To stretch their little legs and move around. They naturally love to play and be active; even the laziest dog wants to exercise, no matter what they are daily routines may suggest.

However, you need to work, and can’t take them for a walk or play with them the whole day, so what do you do? Build them a kennel, and they can get all the fresh air and exercise they want.

To a dog, a walk is not just about “taking care of important matters at hand” a walk is about going on an adventure with their favorite person in the whole world. You! However, as I said, you cannot always be there to entertain Fluffy.

Some breeds of dog need more physical exercise than others. For example, herding dogs were bred to herd or move livestock. This “job” requires intelligence and an enormous amount of running and endurance.

There are dozens of dogs that belong to this breed including various types of Sheepdogs, Shepherd dogs, Collies, and Giant Schnauzers to name only a few. Other breeds that aren’t considered herding dogs, but rather high energy dogs, that also need a lot of exercises include Jack Russell Terriers, Shelties, and sporting dogs.

Benefits of a Dog Kennel

Whether you have a dog that requires a lot of exercises or one that doesn’t need as much. Maybe you even have an older dog that enjoys spending most of his time leisurely going from one day to the next, dogs love being outside in the fresh air.

A dog kennel is an excellent way for your dog to get the exercise they need and all of the fresh air they can stand. One of the major benefits of having a dog kennel, aside from the exercise and fresh air aspect, is they cannot get into a whole lot of trouble when they are outside.

Like it or not, dogs occasionally get bored and as the saying goes (adapted to our situation of course), “idle paws are the devil’s playthings.” Dogs like to be kept busy unless they do not, and when their favorite human is not able to play with them, well they tend to amuse themselves.

This is not always a good thing since dogs can be mischievous at times. Whether they are deciding that all sorts of items are their chew toys (your favorite shoes for instance) or when nature calls, they can tend to make a mess (which they rarely clean up themselves).

This is where a dog kennel outside can come in handy. Unless you have taught your furry friend to take care of business in the toilet (which I would love to see). Well, they need to be able to relieve themselves while you are not home or if you are busy.

Too Much of a Good Thing

A dog kennel is a great way for dogs to get their exercise and fresh air. However, a dog should not spend all of their time in a kennel. Dog owners need to understand that dogs, just like humans, need socialization.

Your dog needs to have time with their family as well. How would you feel if you were kept in a cage 24/7 with no social interaction? No matter how nice and clean your cage is, it is still a cage.

A kennel should be used for short periods of time and then your dog should have “family time,” where they spend time with you and your family. If your dog is younger and maybe not as house trained as you would like.

Staying in the kennel is a great idea for when you go to work (if the weather is nice). Then when you come home, you can let them out to interact with the family.

Also, kennels should not be a substitute for walks. Your dog loves to spend time with you, and they love going for walks with you. A walk is not just to relieve themselves, it is a “together” time and always a new adventure.

So while a kennel is a great way for your dog to get fresh air, exercise and a way to stay out of trouble while you are at work or away from the house. Dogs still need “family time” as well.

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6 thoughts on “How Dog Kennels Can Improve Your Dog’s Quality of Life

    1. I have a Yorky female and a Pitbull mix male and I’ve owned dogs all my life and have never kept them outside. The temperature has been in the single digits here and usually below 0 overnight. It is literally colder than a grave digger’s butt.

      Now, mind you, I’m in Southwestern Michigan and it feels like the Nort Pole lately. So, no way am I going to leave my “Lil googly girly girl” or my “Mr. Man” outside too long. I understand people do it and there are also people who don’t consider their dog a part of the family.

      That’s fine, as long as they aren’t cruel to them and have a good clean and safe shelter for them to go to. I don’t look down at people, for have a different opinion than I do. I’ve always become really attached to my furry friends and I just treat them differently than some people do. I also expect the same respect from them about my opinion.

      However, while working on this article, I found some really interesting, cool and in some cases really radical shelters that would work just fine for larger dogs to live comfortably in, as long as the temperature doesn’t dip brutally like it has been here in Michigan the past week.

      So, in my opinion, it’s all good as long as you aren’t cruel and inhuman to your dog. I truly believe that dogs were put on this planet with only one goal. One ability. Only one purpose, to love their masters with an unwavering focus and determination.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes, they do, especially for large dogs. While doing this article I found some amazing pictures some pretty impressive kennels for pet parents who want Fido to have the best digs possible. They even have contests for the most creative dog kennels etc.


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