The Importance of Color of Your Signs


The signs you use say a lot about your company, your products and the message you want to convey to your customers and clients. They tell your customers and clients who you are, it communicates what you do, it helps to create your brand identity and encourages loyalty.

Depending on your signage, all of these messages can be conveyed through text or visuals. However, the colors you use in your signs and visual graphics are also effective at provoking a response from your customers.

Here are some examples of how colors can send a very valuable message to your customers and what each color conveys.


The color yellow puts your clients in a good mood, it drives positive energy and generally leaves people feeling happy, alive and fresh, especially if it’s used as a standalone color.


Red is usually linked to romance and passion. It is the iconic color that makes you think of hearts, roses and all things romantic. However, red can actually also make people feel more intense, it makes them feel more emotional, which can be a plus for certain brands.


The color green is synonymous with the pro-environment movement for a cleaner way of life. Green is also linked to general feelings of freshness. This may be a good choice for a company that is either just starting out or rebranding. It also signifies health, making it popular for signs relating to food and nutrition.


Interior designers recommend you paint your workspace blue. Research shows this is a good idea because blue makes people feel more calm, relaxed and trusting. This is why several healthcare providers use blue in their signage.


Purple makes people subliminally think of luxury, nostalgia, and power making it the perfect option when you are looking to convey prestige. It will set your brand apart from the rest as a higher-end option.


Similar to yellow, orange has many of the same positive qualities. Orange generally makes people feel joyful and optimistic about their surroundings and will do the same for your brand. It is also proven to stimulate creative activity and entice people to feel more enthusiastic and determined.

Each of these colors will entice a unique response in your customers and clients. So how do you choose the right colors for your sign? The answer depends on your brand, products, market and, above all, what you want to communicate. Consider all of these options carefully, because sometimes the colors in signs and visual graphics are able to speak louder than words.

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