New for 2019 – Book Reviews

I want to try something a little different this year, I want to combine my love of reading with my love of writing and top it all off with my love of meeting so many great friends on my blog in 2018. This year I will start adding book reviews to my blog.

I’m a member of GoodReads ( where my ID is Michael Turashoff (I’m not really original) where I diligently record and review all the books, I read which is quite a few. Last year I took the “Reading Challenge”, which I do every year. My challenge was to read 52 books in 2018 and I not only met that goal but surpassed it, by reading 58!

For all the book lovers out there, if you aren’t a member of check it out the site is cool. It’s like a Facebook for book lovers. Anyway, I figured it might be fun to add my book reviews to my blog, make it a little more interesting and share another facet of my life. I would also love to meet up with other book lovers on the site, so please look me up and let’s chat books.

This year I’m posting a goal of 55 books for the whole year (I’m also not a huge risk taker). Since it’s slightly over a book a week and the fact I read 58 books in 2018 I’m confident I’ve got this one in the bag.

Just to show you how big a book lover I am, when I was an over-the-road semi-truck driver (I delivered to most of the continental U.S.) I didn’t have a TV in my truck, which was perfectly fine with me because when I would come home for my break (every 2 weeks) I would load up on both books on CD and regular books.

When I was driving, I was listening to a book. When I shut down for the day, I was reading a book. Yup, a GARMUNGO book lover. My favorite subject you ask. Well, that would be “Whodunit” Mysteries mainly and Suspense, Thrillers, Courtroom Mysteries. My favorite author of all time is Agatha Christie, but I love many of the current top authors like James Patterson, Karin Slaughter and so many more.

I also want to give a good, detailed, and honest review of the books I read for my friends to follow. I’m not sure how many people follow my reviews, I don’t claim to be a great literary critic or anything, but reviews are very important to me, so I try my best to provide a good review to others.

So that is what I’m planning on doing this year. Hopefully, we can also get some good conversations going about books. I’m also always open to finding out about an author or book I haven’t heard of before, so please let’s get some discussions going on which authors you like and your favorite books I love trying new books. I look forward to talking books with you and I hope you find this new addition to my blog interesting and beneficial.

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