“Three Twisted Stories,” – Karin Slaughter a review by Michael D. Turashoff

1/8/19 Update to this review. Last week I sent Karin Slaughter an email telling her how much I enjoyed her writing and the different areas I thought she was really great with. And get this … She actually wrote back!

It wasn’t even the typical email an “Assistant” will send a fan like “So glad you liked the book blah blah blah buy my next book now. No way she replied to my email in detail proving she read the whole thing.

I was floored LOL!s What a great lady as well as a wonderful author. So when you get a chance check out one of her books. If you’d like to know a good one to start with drop me a message I’ll point you in the right direction I’ve read just about all of her books.

I just finished reading “Three Twisted Stories” written by one of my favorite authors of all time Karin Slaughter. I actually just learned about Karin Slaughter not that long ago and honestly, I have loved her writing from the very first book I read which was “Undone”, with her main character Will Trent a Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI).

Three Twisted Stories was great, as a matter of fact, I gave the book 5 stars, which if you know me, I’m very stingy with my stars. I believe an author must earn my praise because I work hard for my praise when writing so it’s only fair.

This book is a collection of three short stories (if you didn’t guess that by the name). However, this collection introduced me to three of Slaughter’s different approaches to her storytelling which was very entertaining and interesting brought together to freak me out.

The first story, Go Deep is a hilarious story about Charlie Lem an interesting sort of chap who, shall we say, comes from a time when the world wasn’t at all politically correct and Charlie could be its social adviser. Charlie’s adventure is full of twists and turns that will leave you breathless and keep you guessing till the very end. And when you think the rollercoaster ride is over Slaughter takes you for another go around.

The next story, Necessary Women, literally sent a chill down my spine, like I had ice water in my veins it was creepy and wonderful. This story will leave with a “huh” look on your face I promise it was very dark and extremely mind psychological.

The third story was hilarious. In Remmy Rothstein Toes the Line, the story is laid out as a collection of letters that provide you with the storyline in sections. The humor is dry, strange and very funny I loved it. My kind of humor for sure.

One thing I don’t like about writing book reviews is I try to be so careful not to give away any of the good parts, especially in my subject of choice, Mysteries. In my excitement to tell about the story and how good it was, I always worry I’m giving away too much or leaving the reader with a hint at what the story is all about or how it will end.

At times I have to rewrite the review because I find myself not including enough about the story I’m writing the review about and not doing the reader justice.

Anyway, I would highly recommend this great collection of stories to all of my friends that enjoy a good mystery same as me. I would also welcome all my book loving friends to join me on goodreads.com to chat books and also let’s use the comment section here on the blog to discuss the book I’ve reviewed as well as any other books you would like to suggest.

The regularity of my book reviews will depend on how long it takes me to finish a book and how many I have time to read. Don’t forget I’m now locked into reading 55 books this year, so I assume I’ll be writing a book review every week.

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