Staying Motivated in your Job Search


There are no two ways about it, losing your job is extremely hard to deal with. Whether you lost your job because of your performance, a serious mistake you made or even if it had nothing to do with you or anything within your control, it’s just as difficult to deal with.

Over the last few years, millions of people found themselves without a job, in most cases, the reason they were without work had nothing to do with themselves, it was totally out of their control.

No matter why you lost your job the most important thing is how you handle the aftermath. How you pick up the pieces is all that matters in this case.

When it comes to successful job hunting, your attitude is everything.

A positive, motivational attitude is the most effective tool you have and the most important one you’ll need.

We have come up with some very helpful traits that, when practiced, will keep you above the pack, and help you land, not just a job, but an even better job then you had, making sure the situation actually works out to be a promotion rather than losing your job.

Remain Focused on the Future

It’s much easier to get bogged down in a woulda, coulda, shoulda rut then it is to stay focused on the future and your long-term goal. Your future goal should be to snag a better job than the one you just lost.

Don’t let your Job Status Define You

Of course, losing your job is a very personal experience. However, don’t take it too personally. The job you have doesn’t define you, it never has and it never will.

It is very true that people who interpret losing their job as a sign of personal weakness or failure are less likely to “get back in the saddle”.

Take Care of Yourself

When you lose your job, one of the easiest things in the world to do is to plant yourself on the couch, with a bag of chips and a few beers and wallow in self-pity.

This is not a positive, nor a healthy, attitude. Mental and emotional resilience requires physical resilience. Workout, stay fit, keep in shape all of these things matter and will help you find another job.

Surround Yourself with Positive People

Emotions are contagious. When the people around you are positive and motivational, their outlook will rub off on you, helping you to land a great job quickly.

Work Your Network

The more people who know what you want, the more who can help you get it. The vast majority of jobs are never advertised. So the adage “Your network is your net worth” is particularly relevant when it comes to finding those jobs that are filled via word of mouth. Reach out to people you know and enlist their support in making any introductions or connections that could help you.

Treat Your Job Search as a Job

If you feel the need, and can afford to do it, give yourself a break for a few days or week or two. But assuming you can’t afford a year sailing the world on the Queen Mary, don’t take too long before returning to your familiar routine. Create structure in your day. Sure you have more time on your hands than you had before, but you will be amazed at how little you can do in a day if you aren’t intentional about what you want to get done.

Extend Kindness

It’s pretty simple really: extending kindness toward others makes us feel good. It’s not just a nice thing to do something for others – whether helping a neighbor or volunteering in a local soup kitchen – it’s actually a helpful thing to do for ourselves.

Scientists have found that acts of kindness produce some of the same “feel good” chemicals in the brain as anti-depressants. In addition, when we give our time to help others, it helps us stop dwelling on our own problems, and makes us realize how much we have to be thankful for. It can also can be an effective way to build your network, and show potential employers you are not sitting idly by waiting for work to come your way. There’s no better mood booster than making a difference for someone else, even when you wish your own life were different than it is.

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2 thoughts on “Staying Motivated in your Job Search

  1. Great Article. It may also help to take a lower paying job while you are searching for the “right” job so that you are keeping busy and doing something positive. For those of us who are task oriented, doing something is always better than doing nothing!


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