A Comprehensive Review of the LumaRx IPL Hair Remover


Created by one of the country’s leading dermatologists, the LumaRx IPL laser home hair removal system provides a whopping 94 percent removal of unwanted hair.

Using the IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) technology, one of the most effective for hair removal lasting longer than basic, ineffective systems. The IPL technology is also the same technology used by dermatologist for professional long-term hair removal.

The LumaRx IPL provides you with the same benefits as you would receive with a professional treatment, but in a compact and convenient at-home system, for a more private and customized application.

The system is perfect for targeted use on the underarms, bikini line, arms, legs, chest and stomach. The device comes equipped with a skin tone tester to avoid the treatment of skin that is too dark since it should only be used on light to medium skin tones.


The energy from the light on the device targets dark hairs, working best on black, dark brown or dark blonde hairs. The LumaRx IPL isn’t effective on peach fuzz or lighter color hair including light blond, red, gray or white.

How it works

The state of the art technology in the LumaRx IPL is a light-based technology which emits a light energy that penetrates down to the root of the hair follicle deep within the skin.

This heat stuns the active hair follicles, breaking the hair growth cycle and preventing the future growth of hair within the application area.

The treated hair, within the area of application, will then fall out within 7-10 days.

This simple, but effective technology doesn’t require messy creams or ointments and is comparable to the procedure obtained at a professional hair removal technician.

Treatment specifics

The treatment window on the LumaRx IPL uses cutting edge filters, which are similar to those used by professional devices, to spread the energy evenly across the window.

This offers a more uniformed energy output, reducing the “hot spots” commonly found on traditional treatment windows.

The LumaRx IPL is the only device to feature the ComfortFilter technology that blocks harmful UV rays as well as infrared energy, allowing the light energy to be focused for treatments that are safe, effective and comfortable.

Why the LumaRx IPL is so effective

Hair is made up of the hair shaft, which the part you see at the surface of your skin. The follicle is located below the surface of the skin, and the papilla is at the root of the hair, near the follicle.

The IPL treatment focuses on the area of the papilla because it contains the living part of the hair and is the main way to prevent future growth.

Normally you will naturally have hair actively growing, hair that is resting, or hair that isn’t growing at all at any time. You will also have hair that is in a transitional period, where it is in between actively growing and resting.

To effectively target hair for removal, the hair needs to be in the active growth phase. Actively growing hair accounts for 50% of all hair at any given time. This means that you have the ability to treat most of your hair.

However, it is also important to regularly perform follow up treatments so you’re able to target the hair that may have been resting or in the transitional phase during your last treatment.

Safe and FDA approved

If the LumaRx IPL system sounds intimidating, it’s really not. The IPL technology has been proven to be effective and safe for over 20 years.

All of the LumaRx devices have been approved by the FDA for use on the body and female facial hairs. They also use their proprietary ComfortFilter technology to block harmful UV and infrared energy.

All IPL hair removal devices sold in the United States need to be approved by the FDA. IPL devices also all require a built in safety system that only allow the pulse of the laser or light when there is total contact with the skin.

What is IPL

IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) technology is a form of light therapy that is used for various dermatological procedures including hair removal.

Different than laser treatments, which has only one wavelength which is discharged from the diode no matter what you’re targeting, IPL several different wavelengths (from 500 to 1,200 nanometers) that disperse deep into the skin. As with all light-based treatments, IPL works by discharging wavelengths deep into your skin, which in regards to hair removal focuses on the pigment.

How does LumaRx compare to other IPL devices

The LumaRx IPL provides the following advantages over similar IPL hair removal devices:

  • The LumaRx IPL provides better coverage due to the size of its treatment window, which is more than three times larger than Tria Beauty’s window. This allows for a larger coverage area and shorter treatment times.
  • In separate clinical studies, the LumaRx IPL delivered a 66% hair reduction 12 months after three treatments. This is in comparison to a 33% hair reduction from the Tria Beauty provided after the same amount of treatments and length of time. This equates to a two time better result over the Tria Beauty.
  • The LumaRx IPL provides the use of advanced filters that are identical to those found in professional devices. This provides a much more uniformed output of energy, as well as the reduction of “hot spots” that are sometimes found when using other home use IPL hair removal devices.

It seems like IPL technology is currently extremely popular in hair reduction and removal, and the LumaRx IPL is at the top of the rest of the competition. The 90 day return policy also proves just how confident the company is in their product and a great incentive as well.

However, one of the biggest misunderstandings with IPL devices seems to be how long the cartridges are expected to last. There is major variance between the current devices on the market as to what this time length actually is.

All IPL devices need replacement cartridges so it becomes an issue of how often the device is used as to how often replacement cartridges are needed.

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