A Review of “Instinct” by James Patterson

Instinct (Instinct #1)Instinct by James Patterson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

An awesome story. I know I say that about almost all of the James Patterson books I read (if not all of them) but this one was a real twist and turns whodunit. It kept me guessing right up until the end and then beyond.

Yup, just when I thought it was finished, there was more to come. The story was so intense and so deceptive when it finally was finished, I figured there would be another twist in the plot. I really enjoyed it and definitely recommend it to anyone, like me, who loves a true Mystery. You won’t be sorry you cracked the cover.

However, don’t expect to get to bed early, you’ll be too busy turning (swiping) pages.

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14 thoughts on “A Review of “Instinct” by James Patterson

  1. James Patterson is also my favorite author. I haven’t done any reading lately, but I’d read at least a dozen Patterson’s books. I think I’ve also read all of Agatha Christie’s.


    1. Hey, now you’re a gal after my own heart LOL. I started my love affair with Whodunits reading Agatha Christie. I haven’t read them all but I’m happily working my way through the reading list. Christie is the only English speaking author I can tolerate reading, I just don’t care for all the “floo, floo” words.

      Patterson is also one of my all-time favorite authors. Just about every book of his I pick up can be expected to entertain me. What are a couple of your favorites from both authors?

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      1. I think Agatha Christie wrote 102 books ? I don’t own a single one of hers , but I used to borrow from our neighborhood library at least 6 Agatha Christies a week when I was in high school, all paperbacks.. and after several months reading nothing but Agatha Christie, I was like, What ??? No more ? I’d read all ? Ha ha That’s when I discovered James Patterson. Also, the library sells excess books , unused , in pristine condition, hardcover books… and saw a lot of Patterson books selling for a dollar each ! ! ! And a lot more authors… Patricia Cornwell ( I think I have more Patricia Cornwell books) Tom Clancy, Robert Ludlum ( I’m actually looking at my bookshelf as I’m typing this ) … I see John Sanford, Mary Higgins Clark, etc, all hardcover, and all for $1 each.

        My favorites from both authors ? I think I like them all, but wait, now I see one Patterson that I’m sure I haven’t read yet … Second Chance . The last years of college were pretty hectic. I finished with 2 degrees, Microbiology, and tada ! Forensics Science ! ! (although I work as a microbiologist … Forensics job opening in Law enforcement is extremely limited, but my name is already in their priority list if something opens. ( or someone retires or resigns, ugh ) .. So yes, that’s the extent of my interest in whodunits, haha.


      2. Wow, that’s pretty interesting. First off, are you a member of goodreads.com I’m on there, it’s a wonderful site for book lovers like us and I would really enjoy sharing reviews and thoughts with you. We seem to have a lot of the same interests. I also love my library and buy books there regularly for $1.

        If you want I’d appreciate you looking me up Michael Turashoff the site is awesome besides meeting a lot of great like-minded people you’re able to keep track of the books you’ve read and the ones you want to read. You can also share recommendations etc. Check it out if you’re not already on there and please look me up.

        I would love to talk about books with you.

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      3. Yes, I know her well. Wonderful character. I’ve read quite a few of her books but I haven’t read one in a while. I’m currently catching up on Karin Slaughter’s works. Right now I’m reading “Blindsighted” the first in her “Grant County” series. Somehow I wound up reading the second one first, I hate doing that. I prefer to get a recommendation on a good series then starting with the first book and following through the series in order.

        Slaughter is a magnificent author and person. I’ve had the opportunity to talk with her through emails back and forth and she is the nicest most down to earth person you’d ever want to meet. She is your “virtual” next door neighbor but not from Detroit where I’m from but from down south where people are friendly and pleasant LOL.

        If you’ve never read any of her books you absolutely have to read hers. Let me know and I’ll recommend which series to start with based on what yo tell me about your reading preferences. Cornwell is very interesting because her form of detective work comes from a different angle that of a coroner. This, as you already know, makes for a very interesting approach to mysteries.

        I really enjoy strong female detectives, I don’t know why and that may seem weird coming from a man but I only have a couple of male characters that I really, really enjoy. My favorite is Harry Bosch from Michael Connelly and of course Alex Cross from our favorite James Patterson. Both are excellent “hard-boiled” detectives but they aren’t portrayed as what I call “knuckle-dragging” men you get the idea LOL.

        I look forward to more of your thoughts I really do.


      4. I’ve just signed up, and navigating… I checked my fav genres.. thriller, mystery, crime, horror, suspense, manga. I’m on crime right now, and I see a lot of James Patterson. Just learning… how do I get to your stuff ?


      5. Awesome what is your name I’ll look you up and send you a friend request and talk you through it or look up Michael Turashoff accept me as a friend and then you can see all my shelves of what I’ve read want to read and my reviews all that stuff


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