May – Military Appreciation Month 2019 — Pacific Paratrooper

Most of my readers have see this post or one similar here on Pacific Paratrooper, but due to the arrival of new readers, I have chosen to remind every one again. I thank you all for taking the time to visit this site and I hope you are enjoying the freedoms that these troops fought […]

via May – Military Appreciation Month 2019 — Pacific Paratrooper

Let’s all show our appreciation for the brave men and woman who protect our freedom every day.

4 thoughts on “May – Military Appreciation Month 2019 — Pacific Paratrooper

  1. Forgot the obvious, and I guess it´s because I was in the military-infantry, good reminder for the troops. I guess I´ll have to explain my lapse, here in Spain ( I joined the Spanish Legion) half of the population don´t know we have a military and that they are deployed to war zones, and the other half doesn´t care, so here there is no parades, except on rare occasions, basically we (the soldiers) don´t give a s…t about the public, we don´t expect a handshake with a thank you, we more expect a spit on the face actually,it´s just a complete different mindset. So I sometimes forget the American perspective and the tribute you guys pay to your tropos, which I think is great.


    1. Being a proud American I am so very sorry to hear how your country treats you. Every country should be proud of their own heroes, those who fight for their freedom. But, I’m afraid even America didn’t always act with the respect deserved. You only have to look as far back as the Vietnam war to see a disgrace that all Americans should be ashamed of.

      So I hear you and know what you’re saying. However, being one of our friends and allies I’m proud of your service and sacrifice my friend. God bless you.


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