Illustration #2 — Alex Markovich Illustrations

Artist: Alex Markovich. MarkovichUniverse AT gmail DOT com via Illustration #2 — Alex Markovich Illustrations Check out this great picture from my friend Alex. There are a bunch of great pics on his blog thank you Alex for sharing these.


Safer Childproof Batteries Developed

A Brigham and Women’s Hospital (BWH) led team has developed a simple “coat of armor” to encase small batteries, making them harmless if swallowed. Children, mainly infants and young toddlers, can ingest small batteries, leading to severe damage to their esophagus as well as other stomach tissue, sometimes even leading to death.

Superconducting Computer Chips with Increased Energy Efficiency

  Computer chips with superconducting circuits that had zero electrical resistance would be 50 to 100 times as energy-efficient as today’s chips. This level of energy-efficiency would be a huge benefit considering the increasing power consumption of the massive data centers that power the Internet’s most popular sites.   Superconducting chips will also deliver greater … Continue reading Superconducting Computer Chips with Increased Energy Efficiency

Sometimes I Forgot… — MiddleMe

People say to live in the moment and treasure every second living, immerse and breathing in the ‘now’. via Sometimes I Forgot… — MiddleMe Here is a great article that will really make you think about the special things in your life from my friend Kally. Check out the rest of her great posts on her … Continue reading Sometimes I Forgot… — MiddleMe