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I found these hilarious dog joke thingies and had to share them with you! Check em out!


I Know Of Time. — Ricardo Sexton

I’m not here to amuse as you heard If I have fun, something was earned Let my sum dispute, to label it “fine” As I fight for what is no longer mine I know of time, of its limited consent Of its success, & its disappointment From what it was, to what it could be […] … Continue reading I Know Of Time. — Ricardo Sexton

perfect pitch — unbolt me

i was standing near a window sipping my morning coffee and it suddenly dawned on me do you know why rainy strings sound so clear, in perfect harmony, no single false note in the chords? take a look at this old basswood its vibrant delicate twigs work like note-perfect tuning forks by TETIANA ALEKSINA © … Continue reading perfect pitch — unbolt me

Pinatubo Erupts — renxkyoko’s space

Originally posted on Iconic Photos: In March 1991, when a series of earthquakes hit the western side of the island of Luzon along the Zambales Mountains, locals awoke to the reality that in the middle of the Zambales range, there might be a dormant volcano. Pinatubo — quiet since before the lands under it were named… … Continue reading Pinatubo Erupts — renxkyoko’s space