Scientists Create an Organic Battery

Scientists at USC have developed a water-based organic battery that is long lasting, and composed of inexpensive, eco-friendly material. The new, non-metal and non-toxic, battery is intended for use in power plants, where it can make the energy grid more resilient and efficient by creating a large-scale way to store energy for use as needed. … Continue reading Scientists Create an Organic Battery

The World’s Smallest Battery

    Researchers at the University of Maryland have invented a single miniature structure that includes all the components of a battery which they say could be the beginning of the micro energy storage component.   The device, known as a nanopore, is a tiny hole in a ceramic sheet that holds electrolyte to carry … Continue reading The World’s Smallest Battery

Safer Childproof Batteries Developed

A Brigham and Women’s Hospital (BWH) led team has developed a simple “coat of armor” to encase small batteries, making them harmless if swallowed. Children, mainly infants and young toddlers, can ingest small batteries, leading to severe damage to their esophagus as well as other stomach tissue, sometimes even leading to death.

Scientists Find Garnet Ceramics May be Great for High-energy Lithium Batteries

  Scientists at the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory have discovered excellent properties in a garnet material that could enable development of higher-energy battery designs.   Using scanning transmission electron microscopy, the ORNL-led team were able to take an atomic-level look at a cubic garnet material called LLZO. The researchers found the material … Continue reading Scientists Find Garnet Ceramics May be Great for High-energy Lithium Batteries

New Study Shows Why Batteries Fail

  A new study shows that rapid-charging a battery and using it to provide high-power, rapidly draining power may not be as damaging as researchers had originally thought, and the benefits of slow draining and recharging may have been overestimated.   These results challenge the prevailing view that “supercharging” batteries is always harder on battery … Continue reading New Study Shows Why Batteries Fail