Harry Houdini’s Mission to Expose Fake Spiritualists

Houdini Trickery.jpg



Harry Houdini, whose name is synonymous with amazing escape acts, was one of the greatest, if not the greatest, illusionists of all time.


Houdini’s greatest and most memorable escape act was the “Chinese water torture cell”. In this escape, Houdini’s feet were locked in stocks and he was lowered into a tank filled with water.




The mahogany and metal cell featured a glass front so the audience could clearly see Houdini. The stocks were locked to the top of the cell and a curtain hid his escape. To make the escape even more difficult, a metal cage was lowered into the cell so Houdini couldn’t turn, limiting his movement.


But Houdini was also well known for another, equally, popular achievement, his mission to debunk fake spiritualists, psychics and mediums.


In the 1920s, after unsuccessfully trying to contact his dead mother through a string of mediums who he found to be fakes, Houdini began investigating their methods and claims, appointing himself the crusader against them.


During personal appearances to promote his movies, Houdini would show slides of the various mediums and denounce their supposed supernatural abilities. He would also answer questions, from newspapers throughout the country, about false mediums and their methods of tricking unsuspecting guest who are desperate to believe they can finally contact their loved ones who have died.


Houdini’s crusade to prove spiritualists as nothing more than fakes cost him the friendship of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Doyle, the famous author of Sherlock Holmes novels, was a firm believer in spiritualism during his later years, and refused to believe any of Houdini’s claims.


Houdini and Doyle.jpg

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Houdini


Doyle’s belief in spiritualism was so strong that he believed Houdini was a powerful spiritualist himself, and had performed many of his stunts by using his paranormal abilities.


Furthermore, he believed Houdini was using these abilities to block those of other mediums that he was debunking. However, the disagreement led to the two men becoming public antagonists, and Doyle viewing Houdini as a dangerous enemy.


Houdini seance.gif


Before Houdini died, he made an agreement with his wife Bess that he would communicate the message “Rosabelle believe”, a secret code to her during a séance. Holding to their agreement, Bess held yearly séances on Halloween night for ten years after Houdini’s death.


Finally, in 1936, after the last unsuccessful séance on the roof of the Knickerbocker Hotel, Bess blew out the candle that she had kept burning beside a photograph of Houdini since his death and said “ten years is long enough to wait for any man.”


However, the tradition of holding a séance for Harry Houdini continues today and is held by magicians throughout the world. The Official Houdini Séance was organized in the 1940s by Sidney Hollis Radner, a Houdini aficionado.


Although, Houdini has yet to send a message from the beyond. This obviously adds to his belief that once the final curtain comes down, it’s lights out.


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A Thank You to My Followers

I have to admit, the title for this article “A Thank You to My Followers” sounds a bit, “how shall I say”, narcissistic. While writing it I immediately got a mental picture of me standing atop a grand balcony, my arms stretched out in an “English Queen” wave.


I’m looking down on the millions of my followers crowded into a courtyard just to be as near to me as possible. Somewhere in the distance the soft sounds of “Don’t Cry for me Argentina” are floating in on a soft spring breeze.


Too far, you say?


Yes, I do have a vivid imagination, however, I hope that made you laugh. I enjoy making people laugh because when they’re laughing, they don’t have time to think about harming their fellow man/woman.


My actual intent for this article is to thank all of the people who have taken time out of their hectic, busy life, just to read one of my articles. And if that weren’t enough, those who have found my content so engaging that they felt it necessary to join the conversation, I thank you.


You see, I’ve been a professional writer for over 10 years now. Even though I do this for a living, I am still humbled when I see people appreciating my work on my site.


Even though it’s my job to draw in as much traffic as I can for my clients’ site. I’m still humbled when people come to my site and “Like” an article here and there, and join a conversation because I presented my writing in a way that engaged them.


These are the people I want to offer a very sincere and humble, thank you.


I give the example of people taking time out of their busy day because I know what “Busy” means.


I’ve raised four children and tried desperately to hone my skills, so I could put food on the table. I’ve made mad dashes across town so the two of my children competing in a sport in those opposite destinations could say “Dad came and watched me play … “


At many stages of my life if I turned on a computer it was to work. I rarely, if ever, have time to read a site that has to do with one of my (non-existent) hobbies. So, I do understand “Busy” and that’s why I appreciate it when I see how my content, educates people, entertains people, makes people happy, makes them sad, but most of all makes people think.


Taking all of that into consideration, I am truly blessed. So thank you, my friends, my brothers and sisters, my readers, I do appreciate you taking the time to read my humble blog.

Walt Disney World’s First Luxury Hotel is Truly Magical

Walt Disney World_s First Luxury Hotel is Truly Magical


Walt Disney World is easily the largest and most popular theme or amusement park on the planet, with an estimated over 18 million visitors last year. The 43 square mile Disney World is more like a city than a tourist attraction, since it is roughly twice the size of Manhattan, New York and the home of four very impressive theme parks, Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios and Epcot Center.


Also within the complex is two water parks, impressive sports fields, several golf courses, a public rail transportation system, wilderness preserve, motor speedway, more than 100 restaurants of every type and dozens of hotels resorts and campgrounds.


However, Disney World has always lacked one important component, a true first class hotel. Even with the 867 room Grand Floridian, which is very nice, it isn’t the type of hotel that guest who are used to luxury accommodations would consider a “luxury” hotel, until now.


This month Walt Disney World just opened its very own Four Seasons. The luxury hotel chain has a long standing, excellent track record with the most 5-star properties in the U.S. than any other hotel company.


With the explosion in top end luxury travel by Americans and the quickly growing upper classes of fast developing countries, the problem Disney World faced was that it couldn’t offer their visitors, who are used to these luxurious accommodations, the kind of lodging and hospitality they were used to of their other vacations. Now they can.


The Four Seasons Resort Orlando at Disney World Resort is pretty impressive. It combines the best of both worlds, including Disney World. The resort has a dedicated “Disney Planning Center” in its lobby and features “character breakfasts,” where parents can sign up to have their children enjoy breakfast with Mickey, Minnie, Goofy and the rest of the Disney gang.


Guests get a complimentary transport on the Four Seasons motor coach, to shuttle them to the theme park for a day of adventure. When guests buy souvenirs in the theme parks, and they will, they can choose to have them delivered back to the hotel for free instead of having to carry them around the park the whole day.


The new resort is one of the largest in the global Four Seasons chain with 443 rooms, including an entirely new category of room type. Where many first class hotels charge extra for rooms with an ocean view or other specific views. The Four Seasons Orlando has “fireworks view” rooms available.


Included in the fireworks view rooms is the 9-room Royal Suite on the top floor. It is the Four Seasons first ever 9-bedroom suite and can be expanded further to include the entire hotel level.


Adding to the luxury, the resort has six of its own bars and restaurants, including Capa, a rooftop Spanish-style steakhouse with open air seating and fantastic views of the Magic Kingdom’s famous nightly fireworks display.


Some of the other notable features of the resort include a private 5-acre Explorer Island, with activities including a lazy river pool winding around a faux-ruined mansion, a “splash zone” water feature with dozens of choreographed jets and water slides, beach volleyball, outdoor movies at night, climbing wall, video gaming centre, a massive pool and the chain’s acclaimed “Kids for All Seasons” supervised children’s program.


For the adults, features include an adult only pool, 24-hour fitness center and tennis facility with har-tru courts and instruction by renowned Peter Burwash International. The Four Seasons spa has 18 treatment rooms, all surrounded by private tranquil gardens, including a very private couples’ bungalow, as well as a unique feature, the Aroma Design Bar, where guests can create custom fragrances to take home.

The Four Seasons also offers a wide range of meeting and wedding venues and programs to fit any need. All of this creates a truly magical new experience for guests.


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Perfect Sound With a Class D Car Amplifier


Good music can produce many different emotions in different people. As the saying goes “One man’s meat is another man’s poison” meaning that our tastes aren’t all the same. Nowhere is this statement more true than in the case of music.

However, most of us can agree on the difference between music that sounds good and music that sounds bad. Music can bring on a state of relaxation, cheer us up and even allow for deep reflection.

Our vehicle is one place where we love to listen to our favorite tunes. In some cases, it’s the only place we choose to listen to our favorite music. Music is the one form of entertainment we can safely enjoy while motoring down the road. After all, it isn’t really advisable to watch your favorite TV show while driving to work.

With this being said we usually don’t mind investing in our car audio system. The most affordable way to improve the quality of your automobile’s audio system is with a quality amplifier.

One of the best systems on the market today is the Class D Car Amplifier. As with anything we purchase today, especially on the internet, honest Class D Car Amplifier Reviews are extremely important to help you make an educated decision on which amplifier to purchase.

With so many car amplifiers available to choose from, choosing a quality one at an affordable price can be challenging.

Class D amplifier explained

Class D audio amplifiers are designed to handle sound differently. They are designed to utilize the output transistors as a switch, allowing them to control the power to the speakers in a more balanced distribution. Since the Class D amplifier’s transistors rapidly switch on and off, the amplifiers usually provide higher distortion than the Class AB amplifiers.

Characteristics of a Class D Amplifiers

Some of the more noticeable benefits the Class D Amplifier provides over the other classes of amplifiers include:

  • More energy efficient
  • Lower operating temperatures
  • Excellent low-frequency sound reproduction

One of the most noticeable drawbacks noticeable in the Class D Audio Amplifier is the noticeable lower high-frequency sound reproduction.

Class D popularity

In 2015, the Class D Audio Amplifier was responsible for the largest market share over all other vehicle audio amplifiers and they are expected grow in popularity this year and in the future.

This increase in demand is attributed to the increase in vehicle audio system technology.

Tips for buying a car audio amplifier

When buying an audio amplifier for your vehicle there are a few things to keep in mind including:

  • Make sure you get what you pay for
  • Make sure you receive a dependable warranty with your amplifier
  • Be sure the amplifier will physically fit in the space you have available
  • Always use good wiring when installing the amplifier
  • Make sure the amplifier will do everything you need it to
  • Check to make sure the amplifier will be able to easily handle the load you need it to
  • Always purchase an amplifier that is more powerful then what you require

With the wide assortment of car audio amplifiers on the market choosing the one suitable for your needs can seem daunting. However, with a little research and knowledge you will find that the Class D Audio Amplifier will be the most suitable to your needs.

The Future of Virtual Reality Games



In the world of gaming, what’s more exciting than virtual reality? Pretty much nothing! Nothing could be better than being right there, front and center, in the middle of all the action. Living the game. We are getting closer to a system that will achieve just that. Here is an update of what you can expect from the future of virtual reality.



Just like anything else that’s super cool, virtual reality will be expensive, especially when it first comes out. I’m sure everyone remembers the first laptops, when they came on the market. You couldn’t touch one for under $2,000. Now, you can pick up a decent HP laptop at Walmart for $300.


So, yes, virtual reality systems will be expensive at first. But, they will become much more affordable as time goes on.



There has been a lot of talk about the use of nanotechnology being used in virtual reality, which could make systems more affordable, as well as make them easier to wear and use.


Wireless Virtual Reality

Experts say that we won’t be seeing wireless virtual reality in the near future. The reason for this is that wireless technology isn’t advancing as quickly as virtual reality hardware is. So when systems start hitting the market in greater numbers you can expect to remain tethered to a pc or some other device.


VR may be difficult to get used to

Many hardcore gamers who’ve reviewed VR headsets have already said it’s going to be more difficult to binge game. Playing virtual reality games seem to make people dizzy, even giving some severe headaches after playing for long periods of time. Whether or not people will get used to these effects or the can be overcome in a different way is anyone’s guess until the VR systems become more widely used.


As with everything else, there will be some drawback to virtual reality systems and games. However, I for one am looking forward to giving them a try.

Everything You Need to Know About Renting a Limousine

How to rent a Limousine


To most of us, a ride in a limousine is a rare and exciting experience. Since it is a rare occasion to be driven around in this level of luxury, not many of us know the best practice in finding the vehicle and service that will best fit our needs, requirements and budget. That’s why we have come up with these tips to teach you what you need to know about renting a limo.


The Event

Your choice in limousine will often depend on the type of event you want it for. Will you need the limo for a wedding, prom, a special night on the town or some other special event?


Letting the limo company know the type of event the vehicle is needed for will help them properly plan for the event. There is a lot of effort that goes into  a customer in such a grand manner so make sure you are clear about the occasion.


The Date the Limo is Needed

Of course, one of the most important bits of information to inform the limousine service of is the date the vehicle is needed. Make sure you call in advance, giving them more than enough time to plan.


Especially during prom season, limos get booked quickly so you want to make sure you rent your as early as possible to make sure there is a vehicle available for you.

The Inside of a Luxury Coach Bus

Luxury Coach Bus Interrior

The Size of Your Party

To make sure you have a vehicle that will properly seat the number of people who will be riding with you in comfort and luxury, you will need to inform the limousine service of how many people there will be.

SUV Limousine

SUV Limousine

Larger limousine companies have vehicles that range from the traditional modified factory built luxury vehicles that have been chopped and stretched, to stretch SUVs and all the way up to luxury coach buses. However, the more people in your party the earlier you will need to rent the vehicle because most limo companies are limited on the number really large vehicles.


Preferred Amenities

Today’s limousines aren’t just a vehicle to get around in, they come will a wide variety of different amenities available. Will you be needing a flat screen tv to make sure you aren’t missing the big game while out on the town celebrating your anniversary with your wife (if you do this you probably won’t have to worry about renting a limo next year)?


More likely, would you want a wet bar to celebrate the evening with a little bubbly. Or, if you’re renting the limo for your son’s prom, do you want to make sure the vehicle doesn’t include a bar?
By having the answers to these questions answered and ready, when you call to rent your limousine you will ensure that you supply the limo service with all of the info they  need to ensure your experience is memorable and enjoyable. To most of use, riding in this level of luxury is a once in a lifetime experience, make sure you make the most of it.

Converse Wedges a New Look for an Old Classic


Converse All Star “Chuck Taylor” Basketball shoes have never really been known for updates or redesigns.

The birth of an All American Classic

In 1917, the Converse Rubber Corp. created its very first rubber soled basketball shoe. The Converse All Stars were originally produced in a natural brown color with black trim.

By the 1920s, the company started producing their, now famous, basketball shoes in all black canvas or leather versions. At the time, the shoes were the first basketball shoes to be mass produced in North America.

The Converse All Stars consisted of a very thick rubber sole. The canvas shoes were high tops, meaning the same as today, the shoe came to the top of the ankle to not only support the foot, but also the ankle from weakening under the pressure of jump shots and quick reverse movements. Originally, sales were slow, however, this was about to dramatically change forever.

Introduction of the Chuck Taylors

Basketball shoe sales would rapidly increase for Converse when they introduced their extremely successful Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars, the first athlete endorsed basketball shoe.

Basketball great Charles “Chuck” Taylor

Chuck Taylor was a basketball player for the Akron Firestones. When he first saw the basketball shoes he immediately liked what he saw, and immediately saw potential in the specifically designed shoes and their potential benefit to the game of basketball.

Taylor believed in the shoe so much that in 1921 he joined the Converse sales force, later becoming the player / coach for the company’s industrial league basketball team, the Converse All-Stars.

Throughout his career with Converse, Taylor would travel the United States to host basketball clinics, promoting the All Star Shoe. Because of his great success promoting the basketball shoes, Converse decided to change the name of the shoes from the Converse All Stars to the Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars by adding the now famous ankle patch in 1932. As they say, at that time, “A star was born.”

The classic red, white and blue model

The first, and now classic white shoe model, sporting a red and a blue line on the sole, with the addition of the Chuck Taylor ankle patch, was introduced at the 1936 Olympic games.

It didn’t take long for the shoes to be a huge hit with basketball teams and young American boys all over the country.

A patriot shares our patriotic past time

During World War II, Chuck Taylor served in the Air Force as a captain while coaching extremely important,moral boosting basketball games for his fellow troops. The All Stars were right their, going off to serve their country as well, on the feet of GI’s while they did their exercises in the patriotic red, white and blue models.

The low cut model is introduced

I guess you could say that Converse believed in the saying “Don’t mess with a classic” because it took 40 years until they made a major change in the style of their extremely popular and classic shoe.

In 1957, the low cut All Star was introduced to handle the needs of sports other than basketball. The low cut model became very popular as a more casual alternative to the high top. When the alternative athletic shoe hit the market, Converse enjoyed an 80% share of the complete athletic shoe market. This has never again been the case for any other athletic shoe manufacturer.

The Ambassador of Basketball

Because of his unwavering and energetic promotion of the sport, Chuck Taylor was called the “Ambassador to Basketball” and was inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame in 1968. However, unfortunately the sport lost its tireless promoter only one year later. To basketball players and fans Chuck Taylor may be gone, but he will never be forgotten for his many contributions to the sport, helping to shape what it has become today.

Passed up by the competition

Even a classic will eventually need to update and redesign their product or risk becoming outdated and passed up by the newest thing in the not to distant future. For years, the converse All Star had no worries. With a huge slice of the market, they were the only game in town.

As with anything else, the competition soon passed them by and for years they either couldn’t gain the traction to regain their place in the athletic shoe market or they remained comfortable in the belief that sport shoe buyers would come back around and realize they were still the original and the only game in town.

Retro Classic

The Converse All Star has always had one thing going for it over the years. Their athletic shoes seem to have always remained every generation’s choice for a cool retro style.

It is a fact, 66% of all Americans either own or have owned a pair of Converse athletic shoes at one point in their lives. That is a very impressive achievement and a very welcome achievement for any product on the market.

Modernization and improvement

Converse seemed to finally realize they needed to do something and fast. The shoe company began rethinking and creating new offerings in athletic shoes and recently have started looking like the winner they have been for over a century of athletic shoe manufacturing.

The Converse Wedge

Creating new colors, new designs and improving the performance of their athletic shoe offering, Converse is winning new customers and a new generation of sneaker connoisseurs.

Even coming out with their own version of an athletic wedge sneaker which itself has become popular, Converse is showing itself to be the winner we always knew it was.

Converse has had over a century of innovation in the design of performance athletic shoes from their beginning so many years ago. It hasn’t been an easy road to travel and the company has put up with its fair share of challenges.

The Converse All Star is expected to remain a classic for future generations. No matter what the latest trend or newest fashion, a pair of Converse will always be a must have for anyone’s wardrobe.

However, one thing remains true, no matter what the challenge is, Converse has always been up for it and will continue to come out a fighter.