How Antioxidants Protect Against Free Radicals

Everyone knows that antioxidants are good and help provide several health benefits to our bodies. However, what are free radicals and what do they do to our bodies?


Optimal Tea Harvesting Schedules for the Main Tea Producing Countries

The harvest time for tea leaves depends largely on the region in which they are being grown, and can also vary from season to season in regards to the fluctuations in weather.   Timing the harvest is of the utmost importance because it can take only a few days for a bud to appear, open up and grow into a large leaf. If the optimum harvest time is missed a whole crop can be destroyed.

An Easy and Healthy Diet You Can Live with and Lose Weight

Diets are notorious for being difficult to stick to. This usually has more to do with being forced to eat boring food lacking in taste and not being able to eat enough, resulting in constantly feeling hungry, and less to do with not having enough willpower to follow through with the diet. Here are tips on how to stick with your diet and lose weight, making the most out of your sacrifice.

An Orange a Day … The Benefits Found in this Amazing Fruit

There are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of reasons why eating an orange a day is great advice for good health. Oranges are low in calories and full of nutrients. They also promote clear, healthy skin and even lower your risk of several diseases and conditions, making them a healthy part of everyone’s diet.

Does Chicken Soup Really Cure a Cold?

  Chicken Soup is an actual remedy for the common cold, fact or fiction? Believe it or not, the folk remedy is actually true. Ever since we were children, mum always made us chicken soup when we had a cold. She swore by the magical, healing properties of a fresh, homemade bowl of “love”.   … Continue reading Does Chicken Soup Really Cure a Cold?

Why Fine Dining Is Just as Unhealthy as Fast Food

Recent studies show that eating at a gourmet restaurant can be just as unhealthy as eating at a regular fast-food restaurant (I won’t name any names but you get the idea). As a matter of fact, according to diabetes specialists who are increasingly diagnosing young business people with the debilitating conditions, gourmet restaurants are equally as unhealthy as fast-food restaurants.