Email Marketing: Design and Deliverability Strategies

Email Marketing Design and Deliverability Strategies


Email marketers often focus only on the number of opens and clicks that come from email subscribers. They tend to forget about the conversions which are, of course, the most important. Purchases, registrations, reads, downloads, etc. will increase only if you have them set as a goal. It will be much easier to achieve the outcome you want, if you know exactly what you want your email subscribers to do after receiving your message, with the appropriate subject lines, call to action buttons, images, content and other email elements.


Subject lines

You should spend 80% of your time perfecting your subject line, call to action and headlines, and 20% writing copy. You need to create subject lines and call to action buttons with your email subscriber in mind.


Be very specific, relevant and useful to your customer. In this case, shorter is not always better, so replace the usual one-word call to action with something more specific in order to get your email subscribers to act on your emails.


Be visually unique, for example, make your subject line stand out visually and by trying square brackets, symbols, etc.


Use digits, action words and timely topics, for example, use an end date for a campaign to motivate email subscribers to react to the message right here and now.


Use a call to action by asking a question.

Make the call to action appropriate to where the email subscribers are at in the buying cycle.


Use the golden real estate effectively

When creating your email design, use the golden real estate wisely. The golden real estate is the upper left hand corner of a newsletter, because as we read in an F-shaped pattern, this is the place where attention is paid first of all. So don’t waste this space with images or logos. Leave it for text you directly call on your email recipients to act.



In some email programs, you are able to see the first phrase of a newsletter even before opening it. Usually the phrases in this area are “View this email in a browser”, “Show remote content” or other information that is at the top of the email.


However, you can use this pre-header for marketing reasons. If before opening the newsletter you saw “Hi, your name”, wouldn’t you be more likely to open it? Any personalization increases the likelihood your email subscribers will react to your emails.


Keep it simple

Don’t give your email recipients too many choices. The simpler a message, the easier it is for email subscribers to take action. Choose to have only one call to action instead of several. Also in regards to keeping it simple, use the “rule of 3”, which states you shouldn’t use more than three bullet points within email content. While the “rule of 2” says the two most important content elements are a heading and the first paragraph, so in this case, less is more.


Content evaluation

After you have established your targets and how they like to consume information, you need to know deliver the right kind of information to them. First and foremost, stop using emails to sell and start using them to teach. People love to learn and want content and information that is of value to them.


However, don’t give everything away in the email, draw them back to your site. Give them a small taste of the information that makes them want more, then direct them to a landing page.


Constantly test and optimize

Less than half of online retailers perform some sort of optimization in their email marketing campaigns.


It is best to set up goals, pay attention to details, benefit from any opportunity to effectively analyse and optimize campaigns. These are tips that every email marketer should follow closely to get email subscribers to act on your emails in the manner you need them to.


Email marketing can be a powerful tool. It doesn’t have to just be something you check off a list. When done right, you’ll notice more than just a higher open rate. You’ll see higher lead acquisition and conversion rates as well.


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6 Reasons You Need Content Marketing TODAY

6 Reasons You Need Content Marketing TODAY


When it comes to marketing a startup on the internet, many people are already aware of the tools needed to succeed. These can be website, social media and even local marketing. True, these will align your company on the right path to enter the business world, however, there are other factors to consider when it comes to making an impact online.


One of the main factors that needs consideration is the proper use of content marketing. Not everyone is aware of how important content marketing is. That is why I have come up with these six important reasons how a well calculated content marketing campaign can improve your chances.


It Builds Brand Awareness

People today look at businesses as much more than a company name. They look at the company as an entity, as an institution. While the Internet has brought a slew of benefits to startups, it also means that a new entity has to be fully aware of the modern marketing tactics that are currently being used.


Content marketing allows a business to truly promote its company to customers while educating its users with relevant content. May people will be influenced to try out a new company based on its current efforts, while others might be enjoying a good reputation currently circulating the Internet.


Builds Customer Relationship

Along with brand awareness a person begins to develop a good relationship with a company. This however, isn’t the end, more people will return to a website that offers valuable content as well as a service or product, and they maintain that relationship moving forward.


Content Marketing is Affordable

One of the great things about content marketing is how affordable it can be. Whether you’re looking to make a global impact, or a local one, content marketing can open up a whole new world of marketing that is both, effective and affordable compared to other marketing options.


It’s Widely Used

While it may be easy to assume that your company has a great marketing plan in affect, it’s worth noting that an impressive 89 percent of all startups have a content marketing campaign as a part of their plan to grow their business. This is proof that the old marketing adage still holds true “content is king”.


Determine Your Target Audience

Although many users, within your target audience will already have their own regularly visited site they go to for information, there are several online tools available for you to use to discover how to tailor your content to reach your audience.


This allows you to continue posting the content that’s reaching your target audience while adjusting the content that’s falling short so it does reach more of the people you’re focused on.


Maximise Your ROI

One of the main concerns companies have when considering a marketing plan is their available budget. This isn’t as big a concern with content marketing as it is for other forms of marketing.


Content marketing is an estimated 62 percent cheaper than traditional marketing. This means more for your bottom line while achieving better marketing results.


There are several different reasons to implement a content marketing plan for your business, whether you have a startup or a business in need of a fresh approach.


However, as with any other marketing medium, you need to implement a content marketing plan that will work best for your specific situation.


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The Mini Balance Bike from PUBLIC Bikes

“9/11 was an Inside Job” Article Promoted by Facebook


Anyone who uses Facebook has noticed the trending news sidebar. This is theoretically supposed to be a list of topics users are currently discussing. However, the feature came under attack in June when Gizmodo reported on its supposed liberal bias.

In August, Facebook fired their human editors and replaced them with what most wrongly thought to be purely algorithmic curation. But, instead they shifted to a team with more “technical skill-sets.”

Surprisingly, the situation only got worse when Facebook featured an article on the trending news sidebar that claimed to discuss footage revealing that the 9/11 terrorist attacks were actually a planned demolition on the Anniversary of the terror attacks.

In other words, just short of their 13th birthday they figured, as any 13 year old might, that this was informative trending news topic.

While Facebook attempted to blame the debacle on algorithms, it was, in fact, a more human issue. According to the company’s press release, while humans on the trending news team review topics, they mostly work to make sure that the topics in question correspond to “current news events.”

Facebook’s trending news staffers are supposed to follow a multistage set of guidelines for accepting a topic. For example, during the NBA Finals curators wouldn’t promote an article about LeBron James, as a trending news article, just because he was playing in the game.

They would only accept an article about him if he did something significant in the game, like making a “game-winning shot in Game 2 of the finals.”

It’s not easy to understand how such an offensive article about 9/11 made it past the diligent trending news team. Although, it may be possible that the Facebook employees were trying to counteract the continuous claims of bias by showing both sides of the issue.

Unfortunately, in this case, the other side of the issue may not only be offensively wrong, but may even be unbalanced.

For now, however, Facebook has done what any other company, that has posted something offensive has done, they removed the “trending news” article.

A Facebook spokesperson confirmed the trending news topic wasn’t active any longer in  Slate:

“We’re aware a hoax article showed up there and as a temporary step to resolving this we’ve removed the topic.” It seems possible that Facebook trending itself won’t be long for the world either. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Online Stock Market Investing the Correct Way



Investing in the stock market isn’t for the faint of heart, nor is it for the inexperienced. It takes education and practice to choose the right online investment. The arrival of the internet has opened the world of investing in the markets to a wider variety of people.


In the past investing in the stock market was limited to the wealthy and to the banks. The internet has leveled the playing field. However, just because it’s easier and much more affordable for the common man to invest in the stock market, this doesn’t mean it’s any easier to choose a profitable investment.


Choosing the right online investment still takes knowledge and experience. Without both of these it’s easy to loose money fast, and in some cases, to loose even more than you initially invested.


Although, along with it being easier to invest in the market, there are also several websites teach the correct way to invest. On the other hand, there are just as many, if not more, sites that will take your money with a claim of teaching the correct way to invest, only to leave you with nothing in return.


The best advice for beginning investors is, be careful, do your research and remember there is no such thing as easy profits.

Why Your Free Credit Report Is So Important



It’s extremely important check your credit score from time to time. Your credit rating shouldn’t only be checked when you’re thinking of making a large purchase, like a vehicle or a house, it should be checked on a regular basis. This is why free credit score reports are invaluable.


Make sure there aren’t any errors

A free credit score report makes it possible to keep an eye out for errors to your credit reporting so you don’t have any surprises. No one is perfect, that is why there are so many stories about people who have had errors reported on their credit rating and they didn’t find out about them until the damage was already done.


If left unnoticed for too long an error in your credit rating can cause all sort of problems when you try to correct. If they can be corrected at all.


Identity theft

Another extremely important reason for receiving an annual credit score report is it allows you to watch for people stealing your identity. Identity thieves will open credit cards in your name and use them until they aren’t of use any longer. If not caught soon enough, this could mean you are now on the hook for thousands of dollars charged on cards that you didn’t open.


Receiving a free credit card report lets you catch situations like this and react quickly to have the matter cleared up so that you won’t be responsible for the bill.


Your credit is very important

Even signing a contract with a cell phone provider requires a credit check. Same with renting a home or apartment and, in some cases, applying for a job. Since having good credit is this important, don’t you think it’s something you should check on a regular basis?


Making a major purchase

Everyone is aware of how important good credit is when it comes time to make a major purchase like buying a car or a home. Keeping an eye on your credit score means that there won’t be any surprises when you decide to make a major purchase and you will also know just where you stand and what you’ll be able to afford.


There are several benefits to receiving a free credit report regularly, not just when you’re planning to make a major purchase. The importance of staying on top of your credit score can’t be stressed enough. Sign up for a credit report today, you won’t be sorry.

Converse Wedges a New Look for an Old Classic


Converse All Star “Chuck Taylor” Basketball shoes have never really been known for updates or redesigns.

The birth of an All American Classic

In 1917, the Converse Rubber Corp. created its very first rubber soled basketball shoe. The Converse All Stars were originally produced in a natural brown color with black trim.

By the 1920s, the company started producing their, now famous, basketball shoes in all black canvas or leather versions. At the time, the shoes were the first basketball shoes to be mass produced in North America.

The Converse All Stars consisted of a very thick rubber sole. The canvas shoes were high tops, meaning the same as today, the shoe came to the top of the ankle to not only support the foot, but also the ankle from weakening under the pressure of jump shots and quick reverse movements. Originally, sales were slow, however, this was about to dramatically change forever.

Introduction of the Chuck Taylors

Basketball shoe sales would rapidly increase for Converse when they introduced their extremely successful Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars, the first athlete endorsed basketball shoe.

Basketball great Charles “Chuck” Taylor

Chuck Taylor was a basketball player for the Akron Firestones. When he first saw the basketball shoes he immediately liked what he saw, and immediately saw potential in the specifically designed shoes and their potential benefit to the game of basketball.

Taylor believed in the shoe so much that in 1921 he joined the Converse sales force, later becoming the player / coach for the company’s industrial league basketball team, the Converse All-Stars.

Throughout his career with Converse, Taylor would travel the United States to host basketball clinics, promoting the All Star Shoe. Because of his great success promoting the basketball shoes, Converse decided to change the name of the shoes from the Converse All Stars to the Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars by adding the now famous ankle patch in 1932. As they say, at that time, “A star was born.”

The classic red, white and blue model

The first, and now classic white shoe model, sporting a red and a blue line on the sole, with the addition of the Chuck Taylor ankle patch, was introduced at the 1936 Olympic games.

It didn’t take long for the shoes to be a huge hit with basketball teams and young American boys all over the country.

A patriot shares our patriotic past time

During World War II, Chuck Taylor served in the Air Force as a captain while coaching extremely important,moral boosting basketball games for his fellow troops. The All Stars were right their, going off to serve their country as well, on the feet of GI’s while they did their exercises in the patriotic red, white and blue models.

The low cut model is introduced

I guess you could say that Converse believed in the saying “Don’t mess with a classic” because it took 40 years until they made a major change in the style of their extremely popular and classic shoe.

In 1957, the low cut All Star was introduced to handle the needs of sports other than basketball. The low cut model became very popular as a more casual alternative to the high top. When the alternative athletic shoe hit the market, Converse enjoyed an 80% share of the complete athletic shoe market. This has never again been the case for any other athletic shoe manufacturer.

The Ambassador of Basketball

Because of his unwavering and energetic promotion of the sport, Chuck Taylor was called the “Ambassador to Basketball” and was inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame in 1968. However, unfortunately the sport lost its tireless promoter only one year later. To basketball players and fans Chuck Taylor may be gone, but he will never be forgotten for his many contributions to the sport, helping to shape what it has become today.

Passed up by the competition

Even a classic will eventually need to update and redesign their product or risk becoming outdated and passed up by the newest thing in the not to distant future. For years, the converse All Star had no worries. With a huge slice of the market, they were the only game in town.

As with anything else, the competition soon passed them by and for years they either couldn’t gain the traction to regain their place in the athletic shoe market or they remained comfortable in the belief that sport shoe buyers would come back around and realize they were still the original and the only game in town.

Retro Classic

The Converse All Star has always had one thing going for it over the years. Their athletic shoes seem to have always remained every generation’s choice for a cool retro style.

It is a fact, 66% of all Americans either own or have owned a pair of Converse athletic shoes at one point in their lives. That is a very impressive achievement and a very welcome achievement for any product on the market.

Modernization and improvement

Converse seemed to finally realize they needed to do something and fast. The shoe company began rethinking and creating new offerings in athletic shoes and recently have started looking like the winner they have been for over a century of athletic shoe manufacturing.

The Converse Wedge

Creating new colors, new designs and improving the performance of their athletic shoe offering, Converse is winning new customers and a new generation of sneaker connoisseurs.

Even coming out with their own version of an athletic wedge sneaker which itself has become popular, Converse is showing itself to be the winner we always knew it was.

Converse has had over a century of innovation in the design of performance athletic shoes from their beginning so many years ago. It hasn’t been an easy road to travel and the company has put up with its fair share of challenges.

The Converse All Star is expected to remain a classic for future generations. No matter what the latest trend or newest fashion, a pair of Converse will always be a must have for anyone’s wardrobe.

However, one thing remains true, no matter what the challenge is, Converse has always been up for it and will continue to come out a fighter.

The Mini Balance Bike from PUBLIC Bikes


Do you have any idea what the latest rage in transportation is? No, it’s not autonomous cars, although aren’t they super cool?!? Neither is it electric vehicles, not as cool as autonomous cars, electric cars are still pretty cool. However, you’re on the right track, this impressive new form of transportation that has consumers everywhere awestruck does use “green energy”.

The latest craze in personal transportation that has the whole country amazed, and clamoring to retailers for their own latest and greatest mode of transportation is none other than a Balance Bike from PUBLIC Bikes.

These awesome Balance Bikes are produced in San Francisco, California, by PUBLIC. PUBLIC also designs and sells urban bikes and accessories including baskets and bags.


I know there is a lot of hype going around right now in regards to these new bikes, but they aren’t only a passing faze who’s features should be discounted. There are quite a few positive features to these new bikes that require a second look, including:

Safety and practicality

Most people will think “it’s only a bike without pedals, what’s the big deal?” This is a valid thought until you consider the thinking behind the bike’s design. Balance bikes are safer and more practical because the focus of the bike is on balancing.

This makes first time bike riders more prepared for the unexpected loss of balances, which happens often in the beginning. This makes children less likely to fall and more likely to be able to correct their balance in the event this happens.


The new Balance bikes aren’t an expensive fad. They are actually more economical then going the normal route with their children’s bikes.

Normally, we buy our kids a tricycle to start out, then a 12” bike with training wheels, then we take the training wheels off that and when our child grows out of that bike (which is quickly) we buy them a “regular” bike.

With the Balance Bike you can eliminate the tricycle and the 12” bike all together because they’re no longer needed. Tricycles have a tendency to flip over when the front wheel is turned and blocked.

The 12” bikes are a waste of money because children outgrow them quickly and they don’t really teach balance they are only a crutch that prolongs the need to learn balance.

Where as the Balance bike teaches balance and when your child outgrows it, they are immediately prepared to move right to a “regular” bike.


Another advantage to the Balance bike is there isn’t a chain to get caught up in. Getting caught in the chain has always been a problem for new bike riders. It’s always been very easy to get your pant leg caught in your bike’s chain especially for kids whole are new to bike riding.

When you get caught in the chain you will usually wind up flipping over, usually at a high rate of speed. It doesn’t matter if your bike has training wheels or not, you’re child is going to tumble.

No chain, nothing to get your pant leg caught in, no crash it’s as simple as that.

Bike riding is an excellent way remain healthy while getting around. Obviously, beginner bike riders aren’t going to get a whole lot of exercise without pedals to pump, however, we all have to start somewhere and this bike’s ingenious new design is an excellent way to learn how to safely and properly balance yourself on a bike.

I’ve always thought of training wheels as a crutch, however, I never really saw a way to improve on this concept. This idea is honestly ingenious because, for the many reason, it focuses on the task of balancing and nothing else.

Balancing is arguably the most important task to learn in bike riding. Without proper balancing I think the outcome is pretty obvious.


Not only is the best balance bike available on the market it’s also the best quality. From the quality constitution to the design PUBLIC has always been well known for their quality bikes and bike accessories.


Along with the quality construction of these bikes is the attention to detail and design. These are all great looking bikes that will make any child proud to own and ride it but also more interested in as well for a well focused interest.