Why You Should Outsource Your IT Department

  Information Technology or IT is the use of computers and software to manage information. In some companies, this is called Management Information Services (MIS), or just Information Services (IS). The IT department of a large company is responsible for storing information as necessary, then later retrieving it when needed.   Today’s IT Departments In … Continue reading Why You Should Outsource Your IT Department


Google+ is a social networking and identity service which is owned and operated by Google. Google+ has been described, by Google, as a “social layer” that enhances many of its online properties, and it is not simply a social networking website, but also an authorship tool that associates web-content directly with its owner/author.

Canonical URLs & Preventing Duplicate Content

A canonical link is an HTML element that helps webmasters prevent issues with duplicate content. The canonical URL tells search engines which version of a URL to index. One page may be associated with many different URLs. A search engine will attempt to identify the canonical, or authoritative URL for each page. Unlike duplicate content, … Continue reading Canonical URLs & Preventing Duplicate Content

Why Are Many Google Analytics Keywords “Not Provided”?

In September of last year Google made a change to their search engine process that encrypted all search activity except for clicks on ads.   When asked about this change, Google confirmed the change, saying:   “We added SSL encryption for our signed-in search users in 2011, as well as searches from the Chrome omnibox … Continue reading Why Are Many Google Analytics Keywords “Not Provided”?