The Significance of Diamonds

    Diamonds are not just arguably, the most beautiful of all the gemstones, and the hardest natural material known to man, but they also hold some very significant astrological powers.   It’s believed, the diamond will provide you with significant powers of healing, powers for wealth, powers for happiness and so much more, if … Continue reading The Significance of Diamonds


Why are you not successful — swati

Why there are some who achieve their dreams many who does’nt ??? Why some are able to turn their illusion into reality while others just live in illusions ??? What is the difference between a successful person and a commoners??? You also want to be a successful person… let me show you the path […] via … Continue reading Why are you not successful — swati

An Apology to all Women from a Man

I deeply feel the need to apologize to my female followers for the male population, in regards to these disturbing, criminal, disgusting and sickening crimes against women that have gone on forever, but are just now coming to light, as more women gain the strength to stand up to powerful men and say enough is enough.

Does Chicken Soup Really Cure a Cold?

  Chicken Soup is an actual remedy for the common cold, fact or fiction? Believe it or not, the folk remedy is actually true. Ever since we were children, mum always made us chicken soup when we had a cold. She swore by the magical, healing properties of a fresh, homemade bowl of “love”.   … Continue reading Does Chicken Soup Really Cure a Cold?