The Significance of Diamonds

    Diamonds are not just arguably, the most beautiful of all the gemstones, and the hardest natural material known to man, but they also hold some very significant astrological powers.   It’s believed, the diamond will provide you with significant powers of healing, powers for wealth, powers for happiness and so much more, if … Continue reading The Significance of Diamonds

How to Solder Like a Pro

Soldering isn't as easy as it may look, but with a little practice you too can solder like a pro. Here are some helpful tips to creating professional grade projects: If your soldering iron isn’t working properly, try cleaning the tip. The residue from solder and dirt that accumulates on the tip over time make … Continue reading How to Solder Like a Pro

Start an Affordable High School Space Program

Today an increasing number of people are conducting their own space exploration projects. The main reason behind this increase in space exploration is that it no longer costs billions of dollars to achieve. Another reason is that exploring space no longer takes several years in development time and expertise. These two major factors are making … Continue reading Start an Affordable High School Space Program

How Solar Panels Work

They have been around for years. They can be seen on homes, on top of road signs and light posts offering a inexpensive means for powering objects. They are solar panels that harness the sun’s natural energy and convert it into electricity. But how do they work?Solar panels harness the sun’s rays and convert them … Continue reading How Solar Panels Work

The S4 Flight Board

The flight board, which is considered the backbone of the entire S4 payload, is a Printed Circuit Board (PCB). The flight board provides the foundation that keeps all the components firmly in place. It also provides a route for the power and information to travel between the components. This is achieved through a system of … Continue reading The S4 Flight Board

The Future of Virtual Reality Games

  In the world of gaming, what’s more exciting than virtual reality? Pretty much nothing! Nothing could be better than being right there, front and center, in the middle of all the action. Living the game. We are getting closer to a system that will achieve just that. Here is an update of what you … Continue reading The Future of Virtual Reality Games

2013 NewSpace Business Plan Competition

The NewSpace Business Plan competition is a project of the Space Frontier Foundation. It is the world’s first professional business plan competition that focuses specifically on the new, up-and-coming and the expanding new space industry. The event was held on October 24th at Stanford University, and was judged by a panel of five venture capitalists … Continue reading 2013 NewSpace Business Plan Competition