Recharge Your Batteries While You Walk

At the Center for Research in Advanced Materials (CIMAV), scientists found a way to “capture” the energy that people produce from walking. They designed a pill-shaped cylinder that they adapted to fit a shoe to store the mechanical-vibrational energy a person generates when walking.   With this captured energy the scientists were able to recharge … Continue reading Recharge Your Batteries While You Walk

Harvest Energy While You Munch Away

Researchers in Canada developed a chin strap that can harvest energy from the movement of your jaw. The researchers are hoping the device can generate enough electricity from eating, chewing and talking to power a number of small devices including hearing aids, electronic hearing protectors and communication devices.   The initial results of the device’s … Continue reading Harvest Energy While You Munch Away

Lord Kelvin’s Thunderstorm

Lord Kelvin’s Thunderstorm is a type of electrostatic generator invented by British scientist William Thomson, better known as Lord Kelvin, in 1867. Kelvin referred to the device as his water-dropping condenser.   The device uses falling drops of water to generate voltage differences by using electrostatic induction, which occurs between interconnected, oppositely charged systems.   … Continue reading Lord Kelvin’s Thunderstorm

The Difference Between Energy and Power

In physics, energy is defined as a property of objects, transferable among them through fundamental interactions, which can be converted in form but not created or destroyed. In comparison, power is the rate of doing work. It is equivalent to an amount of energy consumed per unit of time.   Different forms of energy and … Continue reading The Difference Between Energy and Power