Hyperloop – The Future of Business Travel?

What if you could get into a car-sized capsule and be transported to your business meeting at 700 mph? It may sound like something out of a science fiction movie, but it just might be a reality in the near future.


Gogobot Traveling to the Moon Fueled on Popularity

Gogobot first came on the scene a short time ago in a big way, gaining 1 million users in only a short two months. Since that impressive entrance, the social travel website has been on an explosive journey to the stars. Now with 3.7 million registered users it has become the fastest growing travel site … Continue reading Gogobot Traveling to the Moon Fueled on Popularity

What is Demanufacturing

Demanufacturing is the disassembly and recycling of consumer products that would be otherwise discarded. The goal is to remove and recycle every usable components in a device rather than just discarding it into a landfill and wasting otherwise reusable materials. For example, the motherboard and metal parts of a computer can be smelted to recover … Continue reading What is Demanufacturing

Long Waits at Airports Taking Their Toll

International passengers waiting to go through customs and immigration at Miami International Airport have found themselves waiting in lines that are so long that airport workers started handing out water to the tired travelers in an attempt to make their wait a little more bearable. The airport has also installed televisions to keep people entertained, … Continue reading Long Waits at Airports Taking Their Toll