How You Benefit From Solar Energy

Taking advantage of the Sun’s light to supply your home with electricity helps to reduce your electricity bills and your carbon footprint. Whether it’s summer or winter, throughout the year, Australia bakes under the unyielding rays of the sun. On average, Australia experiences more solar radiation per square kilometer than anywhere else. The sun provides … Continue reading How You Benefit From Solar Energy

How Solar Panels Work

They have been around for years. They can be seen on homes, on top of road signs and light posts offering a inexpensive means for powering objects. They are solar panels that harness the sun’s natural energy and convert it into electricity. But how do they work?Solar panels harness the sun’s rays and convert them … Continue reading How Solar Panels Work

World’s First Solar Cell that Stores its Own Power

    Is it a solar cell or a rechargeable battery? Both! The patent-pending device invented at The Ohio State University is the world’s first solar battery.   In the October 3, 2014 issue of the journal Nature Communications, the Ohio State researchers reported that they’ve succeeded in combining a battery and a solar cell … Continue reading World’s First Solar Cell that Stores its Own Power